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"A little bull goes a long way"


Chris Hine from McIntosh Creek Lowlines has recently updated us about the extraordinary results being obtained with Red Ivan's semen and embryos both in Australia and internationally.

As she says, quoting the ALCA motto, "A little bull goes a long way!".

Chris's endeavours in distriibuting Red Ivan's straws and embryos have had amazing results, including the following:

- the first ever red Lowline born in the UK or Europe, born at the Wessex Stud in the UK;

- numerous straws sold to ALCA members in Australia and New Zealand;

- around 120 straws sold to US breeders, with 2 red Lowlines born in the USA already;

- Red Ivan straws sold to a breeder in Ireland, and an upcoming sale of straws to a German breeder;

- (October 2019) a new heifer born in the UK and a new bull calf born in New Zealand.

There are numerous other international sales of straws and embryos.  The most recent example of international

interest has been from Zambia in Africa!

I think that this is a wonderful endeavour, and Chris is to be congratulated.  Maybe I am biaised, but I love to see pictures of a mixed herd of both black and red Lowlines.  I think it adds interest and excitement to the breed.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 8.53.09 am.png
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