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A highly skilled vet at work

With the arrival of FIDDLELEAF RED PHANTOM (Dam = FIDDLELEAF RED LAVENDER, Sire = FIDDLELEAF RED IVAN ... who is only weeks old, but who will be our leading 'red bull' in future years to replace IVAN, and the return of ASTRALGUS HERCULES (Graeme Podbury kindly looked after HERCULES for 8 months after I broke my ankle, but HERCULES has now returned!), we decided to desex FIDDLELEAF NEO ...who we had planned to be our new bull. So we called Gisborne Vet Clinic and once again they have provided excellent service. Dr Des James has castrated one of our bulls in the past, and here he is today .... he is so skilful, and the animal is calm throughout the procedure, and recovered well afterwards. He is truly amazing.


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