LULU: A prolapsed uterus, and a master vet

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I arrived at farm this week to find that a heifer (ASTRALGUS LULU) had calved, but had a prolapsed uterus (see photo below). I called our local vet (Gisborne Vet Clinic) who were great, who arranged for their large animal vet to come to the farm once available. 2 hours later, Des and Jenna arrived to my great relief. Over the next 1 1/2 hours, Des calmly and skilfully diagnosed the problem, sedated and positioned the heifer, undertook a debridement of the remaining placenta and disinfection of the prolapsed uterus, then manually reinserted and anteverted the uterus .... up to his shoulder inside the heifer, plus using a bottle to fully antevert the uterus. Amazing.

I couldn't take pictures as I was also fully involved on the restraining ropes, with Jenna sitting on the heifer and holding the uterus for Des. A master at work. "No guarantee Rod" about the heifer's future, but he has given it a fighting chance and stopped its suffering. A humbling experience for me. . UPDATE: LULU doing well 4 days post op, IM antibiotics given again today ...fingers crossed that she continues to improve.

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