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DNA / coat colour / ALCA registrations

It is always exciting to get the DNA and coat colour results for the new calves. As a result of breaking my leg last year, I had to catch up this year and attend to two calvings results and registrations. Amongst our 7 new black heifer calves, we have 5 who are carriers of the recessive "red gene". This is our best result ever in 11 years of breeding. We also have our mighty new red bull calf FIDDLELEAF RED PHANTOM, who is looking gorgeous and has a deep red coat, so our breeding programme is 100% back on track. In summary, Fiddleleaf Lowline Stud now has 4 registered bulls (3 red - IVAN, MAX and PHANTOM [*IVAN and MAX located at Lilliput Lowline Stud], 1 black - HERCULES, who has completely separate genetics) and 18 registered heifers (2 red - HONEY and LAVENDER, 16 black - 10 of which carry the "red gene"). We now have a great mix of genetics and we look forward to producing wonderful future progeny for ourselves and our clients.


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