Operations October 2018

We plan to provide monthly updates now that I am recovered from my ankle operations and can actually walk again, and have recommenced farming. Plus finalising the sale of the land from our Berwick farm took up a lot of time.


- we planted a field of turnips at Gisborne. They are thriving, and we shall let the cattle to them in a few months;

- we moved some steers and NEO to Berwick. We have plenty of grass at Berwick...both for foraging and future hay production;

- we have commenced "biological" fertilisation at Gisborne and Berwick, using Nutrisoil;

- we have a field of lucerne growing at Gisborne .... being overtaken by grass, so we have sought agronomist advice who said to spread Phosphate to encourage the lucerne...which we will do soon;

- we have taken other agronomist advice re sowings and shall be planting brassicas as an alternating crop in the future;

- our sorghum crop at Gisborne has shoots and looks to be doing well;

- we successfully removed the last remaining vineyard at Gisborne under contract with the lessee;

- we erected new / reconfigured yards at both Berwick and Gisborne over the winter months.

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We are not sure how the Pandemic will affect us. To date (May) we have been able to get most jobs done, although for 6 weeks we could not get anyone to attend the farm for service related issues. The