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"A little bull goes a long way!"


One of the great joys of breeding Lowlintes, and of participating in ALCA (The Australian Lowline Cattle Association), is dealing with fellow breeders.  We can remember with great fondness visiting the studs of several ALCA members when we were initially establishing our herd in 2008.  There was no limit to the willingness of stud owners to provide information and support to us .... a couple of novices venturing into cattle breeding for the first time.  We have now ourselves assisted many new breeders in establishing their studs over the last 10 years, so hopefully we have now passed on some of that kindness and knowledge that we received.  

It took us several years, and multiple breedings, to eventually get red calves .... the first being FIDDLELEAF RED HONEY, followed by FIDDLELEAF RED IVAN (and since then FIDDLELEAF RED LEONARDO, FIDDLELEAF RED LAVENDER, FIDDLELEAF RED MAX and most recently FIDDLELEAF RED PHANTOM).  We still cross breed with both black and RC bulls, to maintain genetic strength, but this means that usually we only have a 25% chance of getting a red calf, or even a 0% chance for one generation.  It takes time.

One of the great joys in recent years has been dealing with Chris Hine at McIntosh Creek Lowlines.  We sold the majority rights to Red Ivan's semen to McIntosh Creek Lowlines, and Chris has patiently and professionally distributed Red Ivan's semen and embryos across Australia and internationally.


A copy of McIntosh Creek Lowlines most recent brochure is set out on the following page, and I recommend them unconditionally.


We have retained minority rights to Red Ivan himself, shared with McIntosh Creek Lowlines and Lilliput Lowlines (who generously took over care and responsibility for Red Ivan last year when I broke my leg and was hospitalised on several occasions ....Red Ivan could not be in better hands than Graeme Podbury at Lilliput Lowlines).


We are ourselves now moving forward with our red Lowline breeding programme, based around Red Ivan's progeny FIDDLELEAF RED PHANTOM.   We have also last year undertaken two breedings (one planned, one unplanned!) with our mighty black bull  ASTRALGUS HERCULES,  who has wonderful genetics from studs including ARDROSSAN, RIVERWREN PARK, LILLIPUT and COLIBAN. 

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