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Be careful closing the gate

Updated: May 4, 2021

Back in March, after I spent 45 minutes ushering 2 calves back on to my property (they had apparently managed to squeeze under the gate to my neighbour's property), I only had to shut the gate.

Hoping to save myself several seconds, I stood on the log holding the gate open .... only to have it give way and my whole body slipped on to my right ankle.

Which was now pointing 90 degrees to my leg! "CRACK!" "CRACK!"

Luckily, not a compound fracture and nothing life threatening.

Unluckily, I was by myself, 600 metres from the shed, lying in cow poo with a foot pointing sideways. I dragged myself 30 metres to my (engine still running) car, shooed away 2 butting bulls, turned off the car engine and tried to see if my mobile phone was in the car.

Thankfully it was, and so after calling 000 and my neighbour, cancelling a dinner reservation (I had 55 minutes to kill), waiting for the ambo's to arrive, enduring an hour trip to the hospital, 3 ankle reductions that day, a week in hospital with my ("too swollen to operate yet") ankle elevated, 2 full operations, 7 weeks on full crutches, several months learning to weight bear and to walk again, and wonderful help along the way from about 200 wonderful people, I am now pretty much recovered (though with a lot of metal in my ankle) and back working at the farm.

But now I always wear safety boots.

Be careful doing simple, "thoughtless" tasks.


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