The first hint of Spring

Yes it's still early August, but we were able today to harvest 2 paddoacks of grass hay for the cattle ... which they loved, in addition to some new oaten hay. We have several paddocks of rye grass / oats growing nicely, so we have high hopes for the Spring. The herd has lost some condition, but otherwise doing pretty well.

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OK let's get going ......

I can't actually start working until March at the earliest (I have had to relearn how to walk, gradually take weight on my left hip, and as of yesterday I stopped using crutches!). But we are starting

2021 (we survived!!!)

Wow. What a nightmare. COVID 19. Lockdowns for 16 weeks (luckily we were able to visit the farm, but under strict conditions). Almost unable to walk with my dud hip .... a battery of medical tests

BEEF WEEK Open Day was held on Sunday February 2nd 2020 at 248 McGeorge Road Gisborne.


We had numerous interested visitors, and it was amazing to have a cool pleasant day, with grass everywhere, for BEEF WEEK.